It’s time to build a better you

Looking for personal training, but don't have the time to hit the gym? If so, then let Intense Fitness LLC give you a hand. Our online fitness coaches help people achieve their fitness goals by providing custom fitness and nutrition plans that work for you and your schedule. Your online fitness coach will be there every step of the way to encourage you to keep reaching new heights!

Client Testimonials

  • Lost 29 lbs in 4 months!

    “I have a much healthier
    relationship with food and a love for lifting
    weights. I feel a lot more confidentwhen I
    walk into the gym"

  • Learned to put her health first!

    "Absolutely learning to put ME FIRST…learning to get down and dirty to rise above.realizing how IMPORTANT a coach or support person is. Having a coach really changed the dynamics in my household... My takeaway is Learning what makes my body feel grose.…and what makes it feel amazing. Another takeaway... ZERO pills, shakes, body wraps, dvd crap ect. This is straight up MINDSET, and Consistency in ones goals.”

  • Improved quality of life!

    "75 lbs lost, dropped 6 pants
    sizes went from a difficult time
    running a 5k to running